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You might notice that we are deliberately trying to keep this website simple. If you’ve found us then you probably already know something about what permaculture is and what transition towns are.

For information about permaculture then we recommend exploring the Permaculture Association website

For information about transition towns then check out the Transition Network website

Permaculture is the conscious design of systems based on nature. Permaculture helps us work with nature to provide our needs, be they food, shelter, water and warmth. It’s a system founded in the 1970’s yet still learning to explore new ways in which we can live, work and play in a more harmonious natural way. Permaculture can help you design any system – typical starting points are your home, your garden, and your work place. But its also been used to design economic systems, community systems and events. There are plenty of Permaculture books and websites to explore but the most exciting and thorough way to embed the process is through the 12 day Permaculture Design Certificate Course. You can then continue your journey with the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which involves ten assessed designs over a minimum two year period.

There are also shorter courses such as the two half day Green Thinking Tools course and the 2 day Introduction to Permaculture course.

The best way to keep in touch with when these courses are happening is to join the North East Permaculture Network. See our networks page for details or use our contact form

Yours Wilf Richards, North East Permaculture co-ordinator