Understanding Money

This course was filmed in February 2012 and was organised as a collaboration between Professor Mary Mellor, North East Transition Towns Activist Network, Sentient Cities and Newcastle University as part of the regions ongoing shift toward fostering more satisfying, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities.

Mary Mellor is author of ‘The future of money’ and emeritus professor at Northumbria University. She has worked in this area for over 20 years and published widely.

‘More than anybody else I know, Mary Mellor has a thorough understanding of how the crisis was caused and how money works. She also has proposals for radical changes to the money system that would lead to stability, sustainability and social justice.’
Molly Scott Cato – Green economist
Professor of Strategy and Sustainability, Roehampton University

‘Highly recommended! A really solid and interesting account of the history of money, our current economic woes and their origins, and some excellent suggestions for how we might move forward on a more even and resilient footing.’
Ben Brangwyn, co-founder Transition Network

“Mary Mellor’s understanding makes an essential contribution to anyone wanting to know more about how the money system works and what its future could and should be. I warmly recommend these films to anyone who wants to learn more and think what we should do about it.” – James Robertson, author of Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough.

If you are part of a transition group we suggest that you watch each film as a group, with each person having a printed copy of the accompanying slides, and the content of the films can then be discussed, with perhaps a week in between each film. This is what we did, as there is usually a lot to talk about afterwards! Each film is approximately an hour long. See bottom of page for link to slides.

Link to All 4 Lectures (YouTube Playlist)

Many thanks to Newcastle University and their Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal for contributing towards the costs of this project, and to Transition Durham for their support.

This film was edited and produced by Ben Holden and Ruth Hayward.

Links to slides:

Session 1 – http://www.slideshare.net/SentientCities/ecological-economics-session-1-what-is-money

Session 2 – http://www.slideshare.net/SentientCities/ecological-economics-session-2-money-and-banking

Session 3 – http://www.slideshare.net/SentientCities/session-3-crisis

Session 4 – http://www.slideshare.net/SentientCities/ecological-economics-session-4-future-of-money

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